Client Mobile app and Web Development Launch – Community Scout & Lifestyle Search

Ignite Digital built upon the continued lifestyle oriented real estate that Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada (BHGREC) has been known for. Last week, we saw the official launch of BHGREC Community Scout, a new application offered to both the iPhone and iPad. This free application has been launched simultaneously with the web based version, Lifestyle Search. Ignite Digital was responsible for developing the mobile applications for both iPhone & iPad, as well as developing the web based version.

Both products give Canadians unique access to neighbourhoods and communities across Canada. Ultimately, as a consumer you will be given the most possible information at your fingertips to provide you with the entire picture before making a decision on where your next home should be!

What brought about the creation of Community Scout?

Community Scout was created with the purpose of providing families with the ability to locate the perfect community to live in. Community Scout provides consumers with detailed information on the community they are looking into:

  • Population
  • Most Popular Age Group
  • Common Language spoken
  • Average Household Income
  • Average property value
  • Percentage of homes Rented vs. Owned

… and many more

Essentially, as a consumer you will be able to enjoy having the ability to view key information on a community straight from your iPhone, or iPad. In the event that you do not have one of these products, then the web based version is ready to provide you with the same service – Lifestyle Search.

Why would you love Community Scout?

Knowing about the  communities you are interested in is essential, as you will likely begin your house hunt by finding a community that you love. You want to ensure that the community you are looking at is something that fits with you.

Community Scout allows you to do this in 4 simple steps:


Search for points of interests you want to have in your community; whether it is restaurants, schools, or even hospitals. You name it, you will be able to view the locations of various points within the mobile app as you scout various communities.


Once you have found the points of interests you want, locate them with ease on your mobile device or tablet.


Knowing information of various communities are useful, but being able to compare the communities key statistics is a great asset to you. You can view everything from demographics, all the way to amenities!


With all of the information are your fingertips, you will be able to make a decision on the communities you are examining with ease!

What led to the Creation of Lifestyle Search?

Lifestyle Search was created in conjunction with Community Scout to allow consumers to have access to 2,000 communities and 465,000 using a laptop or a desktop with ease.

Lifestyle Search allows you to sift through communities via province, city, home price, Family & Community and Arts & Recreation. Family & Community and Arts & Recreation are both special search requirements where you place a rating on various categories in the search.

To begin finding a community, you will need to input the Province you are interested in looking, and from there you will be directed to a landing page to input further information. It is a 3 step process, that will allow you to narrow down your search easily.

    1. When you initially place the Province you are interested in, you will need to input the city (a city is selected in order for the search to work, but it may not be what you were thinking of). You can also move the slider for the Median home Price as well.
    2. In this step you of the Lifestyle Search, you will need to input how significant each particular section is for you in Family and Community – the scale is form 1 – 5. Once you have done this, you can move on the final Search parameters.
    3. Once you input the significance of these Arts and Recreational activities, you can now perform a search that should narrow down your results with what you are interested in.

The higher weight you place on the category (it goes up to 5) the more oriented the communities found in the search will be.

Each Community has its own landing page, which highlights various key statistics, such as demographics and amenities within a community. One particular feature we are very proud of is the Points of Interests shown on each community landing page, which can showcase locations from banks, down to schools in a community – allowing consumers to get a better look at what a community has to offer them.

The Production of the Community Scout Video

With the Community Scout app nearing its final stages, we began working towards marketing the application.

The video was created with several purposes.

  • It was created to allow consumers to see a demo of the primary features of the app. This allows consumers to understand quickly what the purpose of Community Scout is, in a brief video highlighting it’s main features.
  • The video produced was not only used to share socially, but also at the Banff Western Connect 2013 Conference.

Our video team has done an amazing job, and we have to thank him for the great work they did!

Take a look for yourselves, you will see how well done the video is, and how comprehensive it is in allowing consumers understand the capabilities of the Community Scout app.





About the Author

Matthew Goulart

Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.