Top 6 Perks of Call Tracking

The Evolution Of Call Tracking…

The history of telemarketing has given us a lot of information about marketing techniques and insights into consumers’ preferences. It also created a movement of ‘do not call lists’ and 100’s of free trips going unclaimed.

We have also learned the value of a cold call vs a cold email. The creation of spam folders, call blocking and caller ID have shaped the way sales teams reach out.

The following are the top 6 benefits of tracking your calls:

1.     It Will Not Change your Current System

You can use your existing campaigns, and optimizing techniques. With call tracking, you are just getting more data to see what is and is not effective. Calls are an additional point of engagement and you can monitor your results the same way you would an online campaign. Google Analytics can include your calling information once you set up what you want to monitor and collect.

2.     Differentiating Call Sources

Call tracking can help you understand why people are calling into your business. In 2015, Google reported that searches mainly occur on mobile devices. Using call tracking you can see which extensions encouraged the call to your company.

It could be implementation of a call-only add or a Google call button and see which is pushing people towards your business. Tracking a caller’s activity online will show you what they saw right before they called you. This information can help you either streamline your business or update your systems.

3.     More Robust Leads Information

Session level call tracking offers a lot of information on who calls into your office. You receive the caller’s:

•   Phone Number

•  Geographic Location

•  Viewed Content

Tracking call data can be used to optimize keyword bidding in bid management tools, you can compare calls next to clicks and other engagement points to see what is and is not working.

Call tracking can give you a better idea of what the demographic of your customers is. Depending on what you decide to track you can get their location and age. You can then use this information to create more targeted advertisements to attract that demographic.

4.     Give Credit Where it is due

It is important to track calls so your team can show hard copy results of their daily efforts.

Calls are an important part of client business relationship and tracking them will give your account management teams a way to provide their efforts. With inbound calls from mobile sites on the rise having a system to give credit where credit is due is vital to a competitive team atmosphere.

5.     The Life of a Consumer

Call tracking is an additional way to see the entire process of how customers start their relationship (no matter how short) with your company. Tracking calls provides the full picture of your customer-business relationship. Online sources found that marketers that do not include calls could be missing up to half their conversations.

Tracking calls can map out the path of the average customer and provide vital insights for improvements.

6.     It Can Help You Refine your SEO

Call tracking can be used to collect information regarding your pay per click marketing to see which keywords are creating calls. This information can help you sift through and focus on the keywords that actually attract customers.

Before the Dial Tone…

Getting to know your client base and increasing your client lists requires a lot of time effort and data collection. Make sure that your marketing strategies and team are above their competitors with call tracking!