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Dedicated teams for SEO, Paid Ads, Website Design & Social Media Management.


Machine-Learning Software. Account Managers. Google, Facebook & Microsoft partners.




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Founded in 2008 with just $256, Ignite Digital has seen the world of Digital Marketing change in front of our eyes.

From a small team in a basement to a huge team in our state of the art office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada - we're a walking example of the power of Digital Marketing growing a company to something amazing.


Why Us?


Today, Ignite Digital is a reputable name across North America in Digital Marketing. Why? Because we're not like the others. No more worrying about lack of communication, confusing reports, limited resources or services.

Ignite Digital equips you with a dedicated Account Manager for weekly meetings & communication whenever you need. Ignite Digital provides clear, user-friendly reporting with important performance data.

Finally, Ignite Digital contains full dedicated teams for each service we offer; that way, we're prepared for anything you can dream of. That is the Ignite Digital difference.



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