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When your business achieves higher rankings in Google’s search engine results pages, the advantages of using an SEO agency in Austin start to become more apparent.


The higher the rankings you achieve in Google, the greater the traffic that your website starts to gain.


It’s crucial to ensure that this increase in traffic remains relevant to your business and that’s why proper Austin SEO tactics are used. That’s where our team at Ignite Digital comes into play - the true Austin SEO experts.



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You will appear as a top option for your target audience when you start using SEO techniques matched for your brand and customer.


This brings in an increase of visits from people most likely to achieve sales or leads. We build up your digital presence, traffic to your website increases, and thus leading to an increase in conversions.


It is impossible to achieve high rankings and appear as a top contender for your customers without having strong Austin SEO marketing. All your competitors using Austin SEO agencies are showing up on the first page in search results.



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Consistent Search Engine Optimization causes your business to grow and increase rankings. Discover how our Austin SEO services can help turbocharge your business and overall success.


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Our SEO marketing services in Austin will fill your website with the type of content Google loves. By matching your website content with the keywords being searched for in search engines, your brand will appear on pages where potential leads look for your products or services. By using SEO techniques that coincide with your brand and customers, you’re able to make your website appear as an option to your target audience. This increases your website’s traffic & potential sales!




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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our most frequently answered Search Engine Optmization questions and answers.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique for improving your website's ranking and increasing organic traffic. To achieve a high ranking on Google, Bing, or any other search engine, SEO is a must. That's because if you have a high ranking and someone searches for the products and services you provide on the internet, your website will appear on the first page of results. Our SEO company Austin has SEO Austin professionals who optimize your content for Google algorithms while keeping the target audience in mind. As a result, Google crawlers pay attention to your website, giving you a higher ranking. A higher ranking translates to more organic visitors and, ultimately, more revenue.

Do you offer Social Media Management?

We certainly do – Ignite Digital is more than just an Austin SEO consultant or SEO company Austin. We are a complete digital marketing firm that offers our clients a full range of digital marketing services and Austin SEO services, including social media management. We have years of knowledge and expertise with social media management, and we understand how crucial it is to keep your social media marketing steady across all outlets that reach your customers. It's critical to your brand's success, and Ignite Digital is here to help! Our SEO Austin team is committed to taking over and managing your brand's online presence, ensuring that your audience is engaging and interacting with us. It also includes regular posting scheduled across all of your social media channels.

Do you work with small businesses?

Yes, we do. Ignite Digital is a SEO consultant Austin and Austin SEO expert that strives to provide you with the best SEO services Austin that can scale your business and subsequently be easy on the pockets. We offer you Austin SEO that your business requires. We will discuss the budget beforehand so that you can choose whatever fits you. Contact our Austin SEO company today and book a consultation. We are ready to provide you with all kinds of SEO services Austin.

Do you offer website development and design?

At Ignite Digital, we are an Austin SEO consultant and Austin SEO company that develops custom or template-based websites, adapting to your needs and those of your business. Put your trust in the hands of our team of search engine optimization Austin specialists to design your website. Our goal is to always enhance the profitability and sales of your business. We offer attractive designs that guarantee usability, a fast-loading speed, and excellent user experience. It’s our passion to provide comprehensive solutions for web design and development, email marketing, e-commerce, apps, SEO, brand design and much more. We innovate and create functional platforms so that our clients minimize costs, have a greater outreach, acquire new visitors and retain more users. We help our clients to design, develop and manage their digital projects at a technical, functional and operational level. Contact us and take the technological leap your business needs. To achieve your goals, you need to know the way. We offer you the guidance and services necessary to achieve all your goals. We advise you to choose the best strategy to achieve success and the expected results. With years of experience in the industry, we help you plan, organize and guarantee the proper functioning of your site. You will work together with us to keep your site updated with the best technology, giving it a special touch for all your visitors. To make your customers find you faster and improve your SEO in Austin, we optimize your website for different search engines.

How do we get started?

Are you looking for SEO services in Austin for your website? You are at the right place. We are an SEO consultant Austin that provides professional solutions that enhance the growth of your online business, and improve your SEO in Austin . You are one click away from making your online project come true. Contact us, the Austin SEO expert, now to get a personalized plan for your website.

Isn't SEO Dead?

Some people believe that it’s impossible to get results from SEO anymore due to high competition. However, SEO Austin is still very much alive. In fact, SEO in Austin is more relevant than ever before. Here’s why. Currently, many SEO techniques and tools are used to improve website positioning in the results of search engines. However, the vast majority of these techniques are almost generic and automatic. Using shortcuts to generate superficial SEO to obtain results in a series of generic positioning statistics is obsolete. Many people who call themselves experts used the same tactics that only try to dodge Google. These tricks no longer work as people use them without a clear strategic value, without marketing, and against the concepts of branding. Instead of carrying out a strategic SEO action plan with a clear and personalized vision of marketing in favor of the brand, they try to confuse Google crawlers. Techniques, if they can be called that, of entering the competitor's websites to automatically obtain a list of terms are no longer useful. Content that doesn’t communicate and deviate from the brand's strategy doesn’t work. It’s pointless to use an empty analysis of substantive conclusions, supported by statistics that have nothing to do with an improvement in sales. All this is contributing to the lack of credibility of many companies and businesses towards SEO techniques due to their low results. It could lead to a crisis, which would force the death of current SEO. SEO as part of digital marketing has to always be marketing and be in line with the brand. It must have a strategy of the company – otherwise, it would not be 'digital marketing' in the true sense of the word. Get in touch with our SEO company Austin right now, and get a personalized consultation session with one of our experts at zero cost!

I’ve done SEO before and it didn’t work

If your SEO strategy is not working, the answer to your questions may lie in one of the reasons we explain here. SEO has always been a holistic discipline, and the results are always and only possible if you consider several factors (sometimes independent of each other). That’s why reaching the desired first position is not always a result of victory and skill. The main reason for the failure of a search engine optimization campaign is that the website does not publish quality content, or worse, it does not publish quality content on topics that interest users. The link profile of a website is a deciding factor in a winning SEO strategy. Especially since the Google algorithm is constantly updated to refine its quality. Many website managers are often baffled by the number of search engine algorithm updates, especially when we consider those made by Google during a calendar year. If a website has an unusually high bounce rate, this could be one of the key factors why an SEO campaign is not performing as well as it should. The bounce rate and its metrics can be easily controlled with Google Analytics. There are many such factors that can cause your SEO to fail. If you want to discuss what’s preventing your website from ranking, contact our SEO company in Austin today to get a free consultation.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Rank On SEO?

It generally takes three to six months for your website’s SEO to show results. When resorting to marketing services, there are not a few companies that wonder why they should hire SEO services. After all, we have social media, right? And this guarantees almost immediate traffic and conversions with the right strategy. You tried SEO for a few months, but it didn’t work for you. Even then, marketing experts continue to advise going to SEO services. Is it worth the time and effort? A simple answer would be, yes. It’s worth every penny and second only if you do it right. We also have to bear in mind that getting good positions in the SERP's means being constantly working on optimizing our site. It has become more difficult than ever for SEOs with less experience to maintain the positions, whether they are from their own projects or their clients. This is why it’s important to choose the best SEO company in Austin to ensure good results.

Can you Guarantee me to Rank on Google’s Top 10?

Ignite Digital is an Austin SEO consultant and Austin SEO agency that provides the best Austin SEO services for a long-term strategy focused on delivering web traffic to your website. Our SEO campaign for website optimization takes at least 5 steps to be successful in Google 1st page or top ten ranking: SEO optimization on the site Select keyword search terms based on the business point of view. Test specific keywords and search volumes with competition. Develop and execute link building strategies in high domain authority. Measure results, review and optimize based on business needs. You can grow your online business to the next level with Ignite Digital, an experienced Austin SEO services team and SEO consultant Austin.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is the term that is used to define the actions we take outside a website to improve its organic positioning and appear in the first search results. The main difference with on-page SEO is that it cannot theoretically be directly controlled by the actions carried out by web optimization professionals. As we have defined previously, off-site SEO does not depend directly on the actions carried out by web developers. Mainly it depends on several external factors that demonstrate to Google the quality of the site and how other people or pages are interested in it. The main strategies used today are the achievement of Backlinks, the diffusion on Social Networks and the registration in directories. Off-page SEO manages to improve our organic positioning by raising our score in the Page Rank. It is one of the factors included in the Google formula or algorithm to determine the position that a website will finally obtain after searches of the users. The Page Rank considers various factors, including the number of visits, the quality of the content and also the quantity and quality of links that point to our website. It is precisely at this last point where off-page SEO techniques come into play.

What is On-Page SEO?

Being well positioned on the internet is one of the main objectives pursued by any business that has a website. When we talk about on-page SEO, we refer to all those optimizations that we can do internally on our website to improve search engine positioning. In short, it includes all those actions that depend entirely on us. On some occasions, you will also hear the term internal SEO, which means the same thing. Working on internal SEO is useful in two ways: We help Google understand our website so that it is easier to crawl and index. We offer the user a good experience and we respond to their search intentions. As you can see, it is essential to work on on-page SEO. If you want to know how to do it, get in touch with us to discover best Austin SEO practices. We will talk about the key points you have to work on to optimize your website internally.

How can Link Building Help in SEO?

Are you looking for a search engine optimization Austin agency that uses link building strategies? We help you build a good link profile for your project and get to the top of Google. If there is one factor that makes the difference between effective web positioning strategies, it is the presence of a good SEO. Google algorithms appreciate websites with a highly reliable and natural link profile. Therefore, our goal is to place your site in the top positions of the search engines. Something that, by the way, is not always and in all circumstances easy for those who want to take a website to the top of the ranking. That’s where we step in. Link building is one of the most essential strategies in off-page web positioning due to the fact that it is genuine. It can only be a team effort. Our website excels at building links to websites. Link building is one of the most discussed off page web positioning actions. It is necessary to carefully consider the steps to follow. Trust us to carry out a suitable link building strategy? We will take you to the top! A good approach to search engine optimization is based on ranking the words or keywords, as they are the most important to get traffic to your site. We know everything about Google algorithms. We understand what strategies work and how they measure the quality of your website, both in terms of content and backlinks. Our team can offer guaranteed results from the first session. SEO always and in all circumstances gives results if your product is suitable for it. There is not a single project that we have not improved to the next level. We have not reached the first pages of Google by chance. With our service, you will get data and also relevant information that you can monitor. Thanks to years of experience, we have formed a network of the best platforms to get you high-authority links. Building links is not complex. The most difficult thing is to research each month, find and choose different links without repetition. With us, you can be sure that we continue creating your links while your website sleeps.

What is a title tag and Meta Description?

The Meta Description is an HTML tag that we use as a small description of the content of a page. This description will appear below the URL and title of the page within the snippet displayed by a search engine in its list of results. The content of this tag must be interesting and relevant to effectively capture the attention of users and stand out from the rest of the Google SERP results. The ideal meta description extension for Google should not exceed 155 characters. If it does, the text will be cut off and will not be displayed in its entirety, reducing its effectiveness. However, it isn’t good if it has less than 120 characters, because our result in the SERPs loses size and visibility. The title tag is responsible for very briefly presenting the theme of the page and the meta description is an explanatory complement that allows you to further expand that information. One of its main differences is the length. While a meta title must have an average of 40 to 60 characters, a meta description must have a length of 120 to 155 characters. Both the title and the meta description are key factors in On-Page SEO. Although the first is the most important of the two, both jointly fulfill the function of attracting and convincing the user to click on our result. Working together these two tags can considerably increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the pages of your website. The combination of these two elements gives life to the snippet or result box that Google shows in the SERP. Our SEO company in Austin uses meta description and title tags as key features of every content that we publish.

How fast should my website be?

If the user's browsing experience is not positive, it is time to optimize the loading speed of your website. No one likes to enter a page and have it load for more than 10 seconds. The world of the Internet needs instant and fast searches. This is also a factor that directly affects web positioning, since Google takes this aspect very seriously. As you can see, it is not something that you should ignore because it will negatively influence the development of your project. The idea is that, once you detect the problem, you start working on the solution. The optimal range for a site should always be below 3 seconds. If you want to know this data regarding your website, you can do it in Google Analytics. Our SEO packages Austin addresses this important issue.

What is schema?

Schema is a type of metadata that makes it easy for search engines to analyze and interpret information on your web pages more efficiently. It can allow search engines to provide relevant results to users based on search queries. is the home web site for Schema, a partnership between Google, Bing, Yahoo! for standardized structured markup. Incorporating schema microdata into your web pages is a complex process. You know you have to do it, but in reality, monitoring can be more difficult than it sounds. Although shapes and other structured signal formats have been around for several years, relatively few websites include Schema Markups and even fewer people know what Schema is or what it does. However, you do not need to look elsewhere for the answer, as we will explain what it means and why you should make it an integral part of your SEO Austin strategy.

Will Google Ads help my SEO rank better?

One of the most widespread controversies in discussions about online marketing is the influence of Google Ads campaigns on organic positioning of a website. As a general answer, we could say that Google cannot positively influence a website if it does paid advertising through its platform. In other words, having a campaign in Google Ads will not affect our SEO strategy, at least not directly and intentionally. Does Google Ads influence our SEO strategy? A simple answer is no, but it’s not that simple. Google Ads would be breaking the regulations if it benefited a website in some way in its organic searches for the simple fact of paying on its Ads platform. However, several factors can indirectly improve our SEO results.

Why is a 404 error bad for SEO?

Yes, 404-errors can badly impact your website’s SEO. One of the worst emotions a website user can experience is clicking a link and being redirected to a 404-error page. Error 404 on web pages is one of the most harmless error codes on the internet. It simply indicates that the page you requested does not exist or can’t be found by the Browser. However, it can be one of the most frustrating and damaging experiences for visitors because the content they are looking for does not exist. Google and other search engines hate this phenomenon and consider it a bad service to their customers. Fortunately, managing 404 error in web pages and setting it up to ensure top-notch experience for both search engines and your visitors is quite achievable with the right action plan. The message 'Page not found' or 'Error 404' is a response code on your server to users trying to enter a URL that no longer exists. it's not to be confused with the 'server not found' error, which occurs when a web page does not exist. Error 404 means the page existed and was removed or moved and may be available again in the future. It is not easy to have a well-structured website for the first time. Whether you are new to the site or more experienced, 404 errors are usually unavoidable. In general, if the content of the page has actually been removed or deleted and as long as it does not receive high traffic from links from other pages/sources, error pages are not a problem. However, if a URL has links from other pages, then you should consider redirecting to another, appropriate page in order to keep the visitor and avoid a bad user experience on your website. Our SEO services Austin ensure that we fix all the 404-errors on your website. Contact our Austin SEO agency and get a free website audit to see where you stand.

What are some SEO best practices?

According to HubSpot, 75% of users never get to the first page of search results. Therefore, you must rank on the first page of Google to get the desired results. Content marketing First of all, none of your SEO efforts would work until you have good content and strategies. The content you publish on your site is very important because most of your customers will decide by reading the content. Importance of visual images Content must be unique and engaging to attract and attract the attention of customers. Content is more important than product images because nowadays people are looking for specifications and features more than it seems. Publish content without plagiarism There is another way of writing content that needs to be recognized. Your writing should be unique and you must avoid plagiarism at all costs. Keywords Research You intend to place your site at the top of the search engine, but have you noticed the words that the user enters to search for your site? Keywords are the words you are trying to rank. Searching for keywords is possible through the tools available on the Internet, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools let you know your keyword volume, CPC and difficulty level. You should choose the keyword that has higher volume, higher CPC, but less difficulty. You can use Long Tail keywords to find these properties. These tools find competitors for each specific keyword and you can see all of their keywords. Find your competitors SEO is also a type of analysis of your site and your competitors. SEO tools provide competitor analysis, which provides statistics, which helps you find the strategies they use to beat the competition. If you find competitors in your site, follow them and try to beat them to increase your traffic. If you manage to channel your competitors' traffic to your site, you will have more customers and the opportunity to grow your business. Focus on On-Page SEO SEO on the page is the root of your site enhancement because it controls all the actions performed on your site. However, on-page SEO is important as it increases the visibility and experience of the user. SEO on the page includes various actions that must be linked to your site. Here are some of the factors included in SEO on the page: • Keyword placement • Title optimization • Post title • Meta description • Word count • Word density • Inbound and outbound links Off-page SEO Similar to off-page SEO, on-page SEO has the same position and importance in ranking your site in the search engine. Off-page SEO is important because it increases your site's ranking and search engine relevancy. Off-page means increasing the optimization of your site from other sites. Backlinking, for example, is the link that leads to your site but places it on other sites. Likewise, off-page is the best way to rank it higher, because more and more links would give the search engine a positive result. Digital marketing Digital marketing not only boosts your business but also helps you increase your rankings. Remember that your site's social link is the site ranking factor. In this regard, you should be active on social media and link all these profiles to your site. If you use WordPress for your site, then there are many widgets that will help you log in and view social profiles. Digital marketing and search engine optimization Austin will not only increase your search engine visibility but also your audience, sales and potential customers. This is because social media has a huge community to promote your site. Ease of use This is another important SEO practice for your site, especially when it comes to satisfying your users. Whether it is a blog or e-commerce store, the site should have a friendly website to bring it back. Navigating your site should be simple and informative. You achieve optimal usability when your site is fun and includes informative articles, content engaging and useful content. Customer support through your site is the key to enhancing usability. To this end, many brands offer live online chats that increase customer loyalty and help customers solve their problems instantly. Our Austin SEO agency follows all the best practices and ensures that your website grows organically over time.

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