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  4. On-Page Audit to search for any errors which may hinder your results from Google.
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When your business achieves higher rankings in Google’s search engine results pages, the advantages of using an SEO agency in Baltimore start to become more apparent.


The higher the rankings you achieve in Google, the greater the traffic that your website starts to gain.


It’s crucial to ensure that this increase in traffic remains relevant to your business and that’s why proper Baltimore SEO tactics are used. That’s where our team at Ignite Digital comes into play - the true Baltimore SEO experts.



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You will appear as a top option for your target audience when you start using SEO techniques matched for your brand and customer.


This brings in an increase of visits from people most likely to achieve sales or leads. We build up your digital presence, traffic to your website increases, and thus leading to an increase in conversions.


It is impossible to achieve high rankings and appear as a top contender for your customers without having strong Baltimore SEO marketing. All your competitors using Baltimore SEO agencies are showing up on the first page in search results.



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Consistent Search Engine Optimization causes your business to grow and increase rankings. Discover how our Baltimore SEO services can help turbocharge your business and overall success.


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Our SEO marketing services in Baltimore will fill your website with the type of content Google loves. By matching your website content with the keywords being searched for in search engines, your brand will appear on pages where potential leads look for your products or services. By using SEO techniques that coincide with your brand and customers, you’re able to make your website appear as an option to your target audience. This increases your website’s traffic & potential sales!




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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our most frequently answered Search Engine Optmization questions and answers.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a practice to enhance your website performance, ranking, and organic visibility. Here's are a few reasons why you should give SEO a chance. It makes your visibility better, generating more traffic and increasing opportunities for sales. Once your page is SEO optimized, you wouldn't have to spend extra money on ads and other campaigns. SEO helps your website become more user-friendly. It also helps create your brand awareness. When you get high ranks on search engines and your visibility increases, people notice you and start trusting your brand. Good SEO strategies help you build your authority in your local landscape. It allows your business to grow and bypass your competitors in success.

Do you offer Social Media Management?

Yes, we do offer social media management. A vast majority of the audience uses social media, and it's an easy source to promote any business. Our SEO Baltimore marketing team analyzes your target audience and creates social media accounts on different platforms. We create content and posts keeping your target audience in mind. Join us to collaborate with influencers to promote your business and build your brand awareness. We will create short informative videos and question sessions to engage with them. Finally, we analyze the data of all the engagements and promotions that we did and report it back to you.

What sort of reporting will I receive?

We are a Baltimore SEO expert that will carry out an analysis of your website and you will receive a detailed report of your situation and recommendations for Baltimore local SEO improvement. During our management, we use professional tools to analyze the performance that the Baltimore local SEO strategy is having at the level of sales or objectives. Throughout the management of the Baltimore local SEO strategy, we will send monthly detailed reports with the results obtained. You will know the position of the terms we are working on at all times.

Do you work with small businesses?

Yes, we work with everyone! Ignite Digital is a Baltimore SEO company that understands that we must set achievable goals with the SEO strategy and adapt them to the needs of the company. To achieve the best SEO Baltimore positioning, it is necessary to have a well-optimized web page. We will advise you on how to modify your website to improve the positions.

Do you offer website development and design?

Yes, we offer customized web development and designs solutions. We are a graphic design, web development and digital marketing agency, committed to creating comprehensive solutions for the growth of our clients. We are a Baltimore SEO firm and SEO company Baltimore that seeks constant innovation to generate effective communication and a unique and profitable result for all clients who trust us. If you are entering the world of the Internet, we offer you the opportunity to have a website where your clients or interested parties can learn about your projects. Our dynamic designs are easy to navigate for users and Google crawlers as we implement Schema. At Ignite Digital, we offer you exclusive, modern and high-quality designs. In addition to having the best SEO Baltimore and strong call to actions, our aesthetic designs can attract potential customers. This allows you to show the quality of the brand, product or service you offer. Whether you need an informative website about your company, or sell your professional services, we have experience in all types of companies and businesses. We are a Baltimore SEO firm and SEO consultant Baltimore you can trust.

How do we get started?

Contact the best SEO company Baltimore and SEO firm Baltimore today to get started right away. Get SEO, digital communication packs, web page and logo design, web and hosting, website maintenance and updating, and other Baltimore SEO services that we offer. We provide you with the best SEO Baltimore has to offer! We are a SEO company Baltimore that believes in constant communication with the client to grow together. Therefore, throughout the process, there will be a project manager in charge, who will inform you and explain everything. We design a schedule and establish delivery deadlines that we faithfully meet. We are a Baltimore SEO firm that makes everything clear from the beginning for your peace of mind.

Isn’t SEO Dead?

SEO is far from being dead. In fact, it’s a constantly evolving channel that is only becoming more relevant for business every day. At Ignite Digital, our SEO company in Baltimore, we optimize your digital content for Google and other search engines, always thinking of efficient and profitable results for your company. We design your SEO Baltimore campaigns for e-commerce or brick-and-mortar marketing, choosing the most appropriate medium and format to convey your message. We don't claim to use magic formulas because there simply aren’t any. It’s just about good strategy and hard work. We study each case and design the best possible web positioning strategy. We work side by side with our clients – their objectives are ours. We study the market and the target audience. After that, our search engine optimization Baltimore team establishes objectives according to your needs (increase sales or increase brand awareness, for example) and we establish deadlines to achieve them. To implement the campaign, we design the search engine optimization Baltimore campaign and choose the ideal platform to create advertising that suits your company and helps you meet your business and SEO goals in Baltimore. Ignite Digital is a Baltimore SEO agency and SEO consultant Baltimore that always executes and measures. Our SEO company Baltimore experts carefully review every detail so that everything points to the top, in this phase we also make adjustments if necessary and deliver daily reports on the evolution of the campaign. We provide you with the best SEO Baltimore has to offer!

I’ve done SEO before and it didn’t work

There could be several reasons why your SEO didn’t work. We believe SEO is a work of art, and it’s best done in the hands of the ‘artists’. If you hired someone for your SEO and it didn’t work, chances are that you hired the wrong people. At Ignite Digital, our search engine optimization Baltimore team has a solution to your problem. We'll review your existing marketing strategy and assess how your current efforts are impacting your bottom line. We will then begin to create an action plan to help you redefine and achieve your goals. One of the main SEO problems most businesses face is that they don't rank for the right keywords. We'll help you identify the keywords that present the best opportunities for targeting. Ignite Digital is an SEO firm Baltimore and Baltimore SEO agency that knows that each business is unique and different. It means that each business has different objectives, a different audience and a different budget. We totally agree with that and actually wanted to find a way to make it easy for all businesses to get what they need from a local SEO campaign. That's why we give you the opportunity to customize your local SEO plan based on your goals and number of business locations.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Rank On SEO?

Ranking on SEO in Baltimore is a dynamic process, and it can take anywhere between three to six months. Nonetheless, there are faster ways to rank on certain keywords when the competition is low. One of these ways is Baltimore local SEO. Local SEO services in Baltimore allow your customers to find you locally, making sure that you’re always on top results when customers are in your region. Without local SEO services, your business will most likely lose the most valuable traffic and, in turn, lose sales. We are a Baltimore SEO agency and Baltimore SEO company that offers the best SEO Baltimore. Contact the best SEO company Baltimore today!

Can you Guarantee me to Rank in Google’s Top 10?

Our proven track record and time-tested history of success are there to endorse our SEO expertise in Baltimore. We are a SEO consultant Baltimore that's fully capable of ranking websites on Google’s top ten results. At Ignite Digital, our USP is that we love challenges and we like to tell stories with content that captures attention and helps you connect with your audience. So, tell us your story and let's broadcast it to the whole world. Be it SEO or social media, it doesn't matter – our management is multichannel and your posts will be too.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is a practice that involves aligning page-specific elements like title tags, headings, content, and internal links with keywords to improve search visibility and traffic. This marketing strategy has been proven to increase site rank and visibility. For example, if you were to include SEO Baltimore or Baltimore SEO experts in your title tags, headings, or just in your content, this will tell search engines that is what those pages or your websites include and will increase your visibility for those keywords. As Google's search algorithm becomes more sophisticated, on-page SEO elements that are user-focused will be increasingly significant. On-site SEO allows search engines to comprehend your material to rank the most relevant URLs for specific queries. Users will appreciate the organization and clarity that on-page optimization provides, especially when comparing competing brands. As a leading SEO firm Baltimore, we pride ourselves on being experts in SEO and on-page SEO and can assist you in possessing great on-page SEO!

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is a set of techniques and activities that, unlike on-page, take place outside of your website. So we can say that off-page SEO is closely related to inbound links and revolves around work that happens mostly outside of your store, including goals and results that you can't always control. By implementing off-page strategies, you help search engines determine what other domains think of you. Therefore, this technique is fundamental for improving positioning. When other sites and blogs start linking to links from your domain, it becomes more relevant to search engines, which in turn will prioritize related links. Mentions and natural links from other domains are highly valued by Google. After all, it shows how your page produces relevant things and how it links to other sites and users. The more domains linking to your store, the better. The more relevant these domains are to search engines, the better. However, third-party SEO is still not considered a priority by experts. Only 30% of SEO efforts are focused on off-page strategies, while the rest is on-page. Websites have a lack of full control over the links pointing to your store. After all, it is impossible to choose which domains will link to your domain. Either way, off-page Baltimore SEO would tell how your website is viewed over the web. Therefore, the more it is mentioned and linked to other important sites, the more it adds credibility and credibility to the brand. This in turn increases your search engine rankings.

Link Building - How does it Help Me!?

Link building is the process of creating your website’s backlinks as a part of your off-page SEO. Backlinks are links from other websites to yours. The more other domains link to your website or your online store, the more it will be rewarded by search engines. However, it is important to have a certain amount of variety in this quantity. For example, it's not good to have 500 links from one or two different domains. Variety and, above all, quality are key factors. By relevance, this means getting links from sites and pages that have good authority on Google and other search engines. It's hard to control, but if you know you can count on the fingers of your hand the number of sites that come back to you, then it's time to diversify the content a bit to see if it grabs the attention of other pages. You can check the authority of domains that point to your store with the free Open Site Explorer tool. While you can manually create your own backlinks, it’s important to do it extremely carefully. Linking your website to spammy websites can drastically impact your SEO. As we said earlier, it's impossible to control which domains will link to yours, but writing to certain sources of quality traffic with authority is a key part of the strategy. Then enter guest blogging, which is one of the oldest link-building methods that brings together the effort required to get inbound links. This practice consists of writing content for other sites and blogs as a guest. In addition to promoting your brand and educating your partner's audience, the goal is to enter one or more links that redirect to your store. To do this, look for sites that are in your industry unless they are direct competitors. Firstly, because competitors are unlikely to free up your space for you, and secondly, your store will not need visitors from sites in other markets, that is, low-qualified traffic. If you’re interested in skyrocketing your SEO and website traffic, contact us today to avail our exclusive SEO services Baltimore for link building.

How fast should my website be?

Your website shouldn’t take longer than three seconds to load if you want to retain your ranks and avoid losing visitors. The speed of your website is important, especially if it is responsive. When creating a website adapted to the new reality, you must consider that people today handle content differently. They adapt to the changes from their mobile phones. For example, in Baltimore, the use of computers to enter a social network is still leading, but there is a large percentage that accesses the web daily from their mobile phones. With our Baltimore SEO services, speeding up your website to perfection is no longer a problem!

Why is a 404 error bad for SEO?

The 404 error implies the inability to access content on the web, and these are some of its causes: The content loads too slowly: If the content is too heavy, or needs to load many elements before working properly, it can cause 404 errors. Problems with the robot.txt file: Sometimes, a misconfigured robot.txt file can mess up your page load, which could lead to 404 errors. The website changed its link structure: When a website changes its link structure, it must apply redirects so that its old links do not break. Otherwise, they will lead to a 404 error. The content was removed by its owner: If you delete content from your site, all links leading to it will return a 404 error code. 404 errors are terrible for your Baltimore SEO. First of all, 404 errors ruin the user experience, lead them to dead ends within your website and do not resolve their search intent. And that means one thing, a high bounce rate and a short dwell time. All of which impact your SEO in a negative way. Secondly, these types of problems hinder Google's crawling. Leading any search engine to dead links and non-existent pages guarantees that they will see your website as a very low-quality site. To detect broken links that produce 404 errors, you can use tools such as Google Search Console, which indicates it automatically. Alternatively, Screaming Frog crawls your entire website and detects many things, including the type of bad links that can cause a 404 code. In short, if you want your website to achieve positioning, consolidate its authority as a quality site and outperform your competition, contact our Baltimore SEO company to fix them as soon as possible.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a structured link network of all your website pages and a great tool to properly index your website. To index your sitemap, perform the following steps: Register the site in the google search console systems Create a service file with a sitemap — sitemap.xml Prescribe directives in robots.txt that determine the available zones for indexing by search engines Check that the last-modified http header is working properly Transfer mobile versions of the site to separate subdomains Reduce the nesting of pages when forming the project structure Following these simple steps will help simplify and speed up the indexing process. This is important so that the pages change their positions as quickly as possible after your search engine optimization efforts.

What are some SEO best practices?

Here's the hard truth: If you don't rank in the top 10 Google results for your target keywords, your site may be invisible on Google. According to HubSpot, 75% of users never make it past the first page of search results. That's why it's important to rank on the first page. Relevance of content and user queries Site materials should correspond as much as possible to the topic of the keywords for which the page is fighting for the best places at the top. You can’t just take non-thematic content and saturate it with key phrases – this leads to penalties by search engines, and the page itself will be useless for the user. For example, if you optimize a page for the query 'how to find SEO company in Baltimore', then the article on it should talk about this, and not about two-wheeled bikes for adults or its repair. Ease of perception of information After going to the page, the user should immediately intuitively understand where to find the content that brought him to the site. You must avoid any distractions, including overly contrasting background colors and fonts, excessive advertising, flashing banners, pop-ups, etc. We must structure the material using logical sections, subsections, 'Pay Attention' blocks, and numbered and bulleted lists. All this is necessary so that even a cursory glance at the content is enough to quickly get the target information. Title and description optimization Creating a high-quality and unique title is one of the most important SEO recommendations. This tag is displayed in the page title format in the browser window, and it also stands out visually in the SERP snippet. Its volume should not exceed 65 characters, otherwise the entire text will not be visible. In the body of the title tag, it is recommended to embed the main keyword of the page in a natural occurrence. This line should be as concise as possible to convey the subject of the page and the value of the transition to it. The description meta tag is also available in the snippet, but in the format of a more detailed description. It is also good to organically insert several key phrases into a short description, but it is important to maintain the semantic value and relevance of the text. Working with headings H1–H6 With the help of these tags, you can achieve a logical structuring of your content. They allow you to highlight the title of the material, as well as its headings and subheadings. Practice shows that texts with a similar structure are indexed much faster, and pages with them are better ranked. Compliance with the principles of cross-browser compatibility This task usually involves knowledge of HTML and CSS. This is an important point, because if the user cannot comfortably interact with the web resource because of his browser, then he will ditch the site, not the browser. To achieve high-quality cross-browser compatibility, it is enough to optimize the project for Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Opera. Improved usability In search promotion, the term Usability is used to indicate the degree of convenience and 'friendliness' of the site. A good project should offer the user convenient navigation, thematic content, a clear structure, its own search system, as well as an obvious opportunity to perform a target action. The quality of user factors directly depends on the convenience of the site, and this is one of the most important ranking criteria.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords determine search intent and helps Google connect your audience to your content. You need to start promotion with the selection of keywords that the target audience is supposed to use to search for the company's product on the Internet. Systematized and deeply developed semantics will help to form an effective strategy for compiling a content plan. Ideally, the semantic core should be ready before you create your website. In this scenario, you can immediately optimize the project structure for different groups of key phrases.

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