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When your business achieves higher rankings in Google’s search engine results pages, the advantages of using an SEO agency in Wichita start to become more apparent.


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It is impossible to achieve high rankings and appear as a top contender for your customers without having strong Wichita SEO marketing. All your competitors using Wichita SEO agencies are showing up on the first page in search results.



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Our SEO marketing services in Wichita will fill your website with the type of content Google loves. By matching your website content with the keywords being searched for in search engines, your brand will appear on pages where potential leads look for your products or services. By using SEO techniques that coincide with your brand and customers, you’re able to make your website appear as an option to your target audience. This increases your website’s traffic & potential sales!




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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of our most frequently answered Search Engine Optmization questions and answers.


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is the optimization of the website for search engines. It is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve the visibility of your website in search results of major search engines, such as Google. This practice includes activities like creating quality content, optimizing content around specific topics and keywords, creating backlinks and making the website technically sound. In simple words, with SEO, we try to improve the ranking of the website in the organic (not in the Ads) results of the search engines. If you’re wondering why you should care if your website ranks high in search engine results, the answer is very simple. Search engines like Google are one of the main ways in which people discover content, products and services on the Internet. So, with the promotion of your website in the search engines (SEO), gradually and every month, you get free traffic to your website from visitors who are looking for what you have to offer. As Ahrefs beautifully puts it, 'modern search engines are like the libraries of the digital age'. However, instead of storing copies of books, they save copies of web pages and websites. When a user types a query into search engines, they look at all the pages in their index to return the most relevant results. Search engines use some of the most complex computer algorithms. These algorithms can find the best results for the search in the index in just a fraction of a second. The exact way in which these algorithms rank search results is a secret of Google. According to the company itself, the ranking of the results depends on several factors. The algorithm understands the query you asked the search engine so that it can show you relevant answers. For example, when you type the query 'search engine optimization Wichita' Google returns about 1,040,000 results. You would not want to see results from shoe stores. That's why Google is looking at its index for 'search engine optimization Wichita' results and showing you web pages related to your search. However, the ranking does not depend only on the relevance of your query. For a standard query there are thousands, even millions, of websites with potentially relevant information. So, the algorithm considers some other parameters. The authority of a website is determined by Google and is the way it understands if its content is quality and worth mentioning. A website gains prestige depending on the number of links from other quality and well-known websites that end up on it. When the algorithm detects other known web pages that refer to links to a page with relevant content, those links act as trust votes for the recipient web page. Thus, the algorithm realizes that the content of the website is quality, as a result of which it is more likely to appear higher in the ranking for always relevant searches. These links are our well-known Backlinks. Of course, algorithms are now sophisticated enough to complete the ranking process based only on the number of backlinks and the relevance of the content to the search. The final determination of the ranking of Google results depends to a large extent on a third complex parameter. This parameter examines whether the website is useful to users. Simply put, if Google finds a site that offers a very good user experience to its visitors, it will rank higher in its results than another website that has more backlinks but offers a negative user experience to its visitors. Contact us today for our local SEO services and SEO marketing!

Do you offer PPC services?

Yes, we most definitely do. If you want to increase your sales tomorrow without having to wait too much, you can with PPC. If you want to know how a PPC campaign can double or triple its turnover without making million-dollar investments, just as large companies do and why it can be extraordinarily profitable for you, call us today for our search engine optimization and PPC services in Wichita. Do you know that most of the investments in sales of SMEs are poorly spent? We lose sight of the fact that selling is not advertising and that's it. Selling takes a strategy and is the difference between dispatching clients and suffering to get each sale. To make money it is not enough to create campaigns, you have to create winning strategies. To be the best, you must do different things to prove it. At Ignite Digital, we are a SEO consultant and SEO expert that understands what everyone who wastes money on Google ads does and how to stop wasting it and double the profitability of your campaigns. We follow the easiest way to improve your sales month after month without having to lower your prices, make ridiculous offers or complicate yourself in chasing your customers. We know how to create sales strategies that outperform all your competitors without having to invest millions through the use of our profitable algorithm.

Do you offer Social Media Management?

Yes! Our services include social media marketing in Wichita. We understand how successful businesses sell on social media. Moreover, they do not have gigantic accounts on social networks. We all know how to change ads, but the money is not in the ads. The money is in the strategy that makes these ads work. If you repeat the same every day and do not change your strategy, you will never be able to change your results. That’s why we do what successful businesses do on social media. We select the most suitable influencers to make your company known from their own point of view. Our designers and copywriters create valuable content to generate a community of loyal customers. We establish strategies adapted to your needs. Our social media marketing teams build advertising campaigns to meet the objectives of your company.

What sort of reporting will I receive?

You will receive a comprehensive report every month that will include details of all the work we do for you. It will describe your website’s performance in the search results and how it’s progressing its SEO Wichita. It will also contain a comparative analysis of how your website is improving with time. Moreover, a dedicated analysis of our SEO services Wichita will include the details of all the platforms that are linking your website for your off-page SEO.

Do you work with small businesses?

Yes, we definitely do! We are a SEO consultant that offers local SEO services to businesses of all sizes. Our SEO marketing and local SEO services are available for all businesses that are committed towards serious search engine optimization Wichita growth. Contact us to discover how our SEO Company Wichita can boost your business growth.

Do you offer website development and design?

Yes, we’re more than an SEO company Wichita, and we create websites specifically designed to attract your customers. Our websites are much more than a nice showcase where you can show off your products. We find out who your potential client is and what they are going to look for on your website. Our goal is that, whoever your client is, they find what they are looking for in the shortest possible time. In 3 seconds, users have already formed their opinion about a website, and one more step than necessary to get what they need can mean one less sale. If you offer a clear and intuitive website, you will be able to capture and retain your users. Once we know your needs and your audience, this is how we work: We build the most efficient path from landing to the user's goal We capture these ideas to create a functional and simple web structure We dress the web with an attractive appearance designed for all devices

How do we get started?

Getting started with Ignite Digital is easy. If you want to boost your visibility, contact us today via call or fill out the form. As Google partners and SEO agency Wichita, we know the keys to placing you in the top positions with a design optimized for search engines that will provide you with maximum visibility. The best way to start is to get to know each other. Shall we have a coffee?

Isn’t SEO Dead?

SEO is never dead, but it’s constantly evolving. Many techniques that previously worked are obsolete in today’s world. Today, SEO is all about providing valuable and quality content. As a business owner and webmaster, you've probably come across social media posts, YouTube videos, and even seminar presenters emphasizing that SEO is very important to the success of a Web site. But why? Let's put aside all the technical terms, how search engines work and how a page will appear higher in the results. At the end of the day all that matters is the results of the actions we take. What effect do these actions have on the website and the business? The short answer is: Google search is a huge source of FREE traffic to your website. The job of our SEO Wichita is to show search engines that the content of a website is the highest quality result that can return to its users for a particular topic – a search. So, our job is to optimize the web pages according to Google's standards.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Rank On SEO?

A strategic SEO positioning plan, from its formulation to the achievement of the proposed objectives, generally takes about six months, but it all depends on the complexity of each project. A website is like a shop window or a store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But if you don't have an eye-catching sign inviting customers in, you'll be losing money. You need to invest in SEO Wichita, because this is the way to get the attention of your audience, tell them that you have what they are looking for and invite them to enter to enjoy great benefits. Our experience guarantees that you will save time and many resources. You will avoid the famous tests and trials. We know what works, because we are constantly researching to be at the forefront of market demands. You should hire our SEO Agency in Wichita for your website. To learn more about our SEO consultant company and how we carry out our SEO marketing, contact us today!

Can you Guarantee me to Rank in Google’s Top 10?

We adapt to your needs and offer high-quality services to rank you on Google’s top ten. We strive so that your site reflects the essence of your company and your brand, achieving better differentiation and positioning. Request more information from our SEO Agency in Wichita. Each project requires a different action plan. Therefore, the time to demonstrate the achievement of the objectives varies in each one, although the average is only about six months. It should be clarified that you can monitor progress in each phase, through the metrics established in the plan.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page Wichita SEO involves everything that you do on your website to optimize it for search engine rankings. The factors of On-Page SEO are the following: Keywords Choosing the right keywords within your website is one of the most important points of SEO. Title Tag It refers to the title that will appear in the search engine ranking. That is, in the main title of your website. Meta Description It concerns the description of the title on the page of the search engine. In this case, you need to pay special attention to the choice of words. The user first reads the summary under the title on the search engine homepage to see if they are interested in the content. Website speed The faster your website loads, the more users will prefer it. This way you will be able to increase your position on the Google homepage in this case as well.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO of our SEO company Wichita consists of actions that you take outside your website on other platforms to publicize your website and create its authority. Here’s some brief information about what off-page SEO includes: Backlinks As mentioned above, Backlinks are all external links, used on other sites, for the user to go with one click to your website. Domain Authority A number that will be given to you by the search engine, in which you will enter your website. The higher this number, the more likely it is that your website will rank high in searches. Therefore, its number of visitors can be increased. Promotion through social media When social media is not functional to your company, then the results are not desirable. That is, in order for your website to dominate the search engine homepage, there must be frequent post updates and increased social media interactions. It will be more effective if you manage to promote simple and understandable content to the public, because this increases the volume of interest in your brand.

How can Link Building help my brand?

Link building is the process of creating hyperlinks to your website. It consists of two different types, internal and external linking. It’s an internal link is a hyperlink that leads the user to another page of the same domain. A classic example of such a link is to place relevant articles under your blog posts to keep users inside your website. On the other hand, an external link leads users to a page that belongs to a different domain. Such external links are the sources that you may put in your articles. There are many SEO strategies to get one of the first places in every search. Link building is one of the most basic and effective of these. Although it is a strategy that requires investment of time and effort, its results will justify everything you do. Link building is so important for the SEO of your website, that it is considered one of the most important factors that affect its ranking. When your website becomes a benchmark for many other pages, then Google's algorithm understands that your content is high quality. In any case, backlinks must be created by reputable websites of your kind. If you, say site A, put a link to site B, then this link for you is an external link, while for site B it is a backlink. Backlinks are especially useful for SEO, because they basically tell the search engines that if they follow the link that they will find relevant and good content (as we know this does not always happen). If several sites link to the same site, search engines may conclude that this content is worthwhile and therefore worth getting in the SERPs results. Backlinks help search engines find links to your site and effectively crawl your site. Especially for a new website, it is important to get backlinks as they help in faster discovery and indexing of your site. However, not all links have the same value. Some are more valuable than others. Active links from reputable, popular or high authority sites are considered and are much better than linking to your site with a low authority website. Contact us and let Ignite Digital build your link profile with our SEO services Wichita.

What is a title tag and Meta Description?

A meta description is an HTML attribute used to describe a page. It may appear in search results as a snippet below the title tag to provide more content. A meta description is not a ranking factor and Google shows it in search results only 37% of the time. However, it is still an important part of on-site SEO that should be done for every website. With a compelling meta description, your site will get more people to click on it in search results. This is important, even though Google only shows meta descriptions 37% of the time. For example, if your page receives 50,000 impressions per month, Google displays the meta description for an average of 18,500 of those impressions. Increasing the CTR from 4% to just 4.5% in this case would result in almost 100 extra clicks. So, while you should not be obsessed with meta descriptions, it's worth taking a few minutes if yes is the answer to at least one of these questions: Is the page intended to increase organic traffic? Is it possible to share it on social media? Always think of the description as something that complements your title tag. Titles should summarize a page using some of the keywords that characterize the topic. The meta-description offers the opportunity to expand on your Wichita SEO services further.

How fast should my website be?

Surveys by our local SEO firm Wichita shows that 57% of Internet users believe that the average time it takes to load a page is 2-3 seconds. It is an essential factor both for the user experience and the increase of sales, as well as for the better ranking of your website in the Google organic results. Understandably, increasing the loading speed of a website brings multiple benefits and gives your company a significant competitive advantage. The loading speed of a web page is the first impression that the user has of your web page. Slow speed prevents users from visiting your site and gaining access to its content.

Will Google Ads help my SEO rank better?

One of the myths we come across is, 'If I invest in Google Ads, it improves my SEO positioning'. That is NOT true. Some believe that having a significant presence in Google's sponsored results benefits the natural search engine ranking of the same web page. It’s nothing like that. They are 2 different algorithms. Google wants companies to invest more and more in Google Ads. If a company is very well positioned organically, it would not have much motivation to do Google Ads and position itself in the sponsored ads area.

Why is a 404 error bad for SEO?

For each time that '404 page not found'appears on your screen, it indicates that the web page you are trying to access could not be found. It means it is not a server problem, but rather a problem with that specific page. So, what you're indicating is that the address you're pointing to either doesn't exist or is broken. On the other hand, each website can design a way to display these types of messages. So, if you search, you will surely find very creative ways to make you pass this bitter pill. In fact, you can do it too, the important thing will be to place the right message. Among the most common are: '404 error', 'http 404', 'The requested URL cannot be found', '404 page not found' and many more. As for the design, it will then depend on its developer, and they can generally be seen on any operating system. Basically, there can be many reasons why your screen shows you an http 404 message. And they are certainly more common than you think. In fact, the more pages your site contains, the greater the probability that they will be displayed. When the number of errors exceeds 10% of the total number of your pages. However, this does not mean that it was not important to solve before, only that now it is mandatory to do so. So, the most common probable causes for seeing a 404 error on your screen are: The first mistake that we must rule out is having misspelled the address of the page. Thus, any omission or addition of a character can generate a 404. The next thing to rule out is to check if the page in question was moved. For example, you decided to modify the category to which it belongs and therefore its position is modified. Thirdly, we must rule out that the page has not been deleted, so obviously it cannot be found and the 404 error will indicate this. This is a very common error when we migrate web pages to a new one, so we must be very aware of this type of inconvenience.

What are some SEO best practices?

In absolutely any project, regardless of its size, regardless of its niche, you will need good planning. In this planning, you must work on the keywords that will help your website to position itself in the highest positions in Google. Remember that if you do not appear on the first page of this search engine, you do not exist. So, it is necessary to do deep market research, see who your competitors are and analyze them in depth for good local SEO in Wichita. Another practice to keep in mind is to understand your users. Your goal should be to meet the interests of each of the people who perform a search in this search engine related to your product or service. It is essential to investigate previously to be able to create a well-structured plan with those keywords that we want to position that will help our users to resolve their intentions. Once we have this clear, there is a practice that requires perseverance and dedication and that is the creation of content. Once your plan and the theme you are going to deal with are clear, it is time to design your website Another phase of vital importance. It is a crucial moment since your website must always have a user-centered design that is accessible and fully functional. A good user experience will make the person who comes to your space stay there. And the longer they navigate through our space, it will be an indication that their experience is being satisfactory and that they find value in what they are showing. Well, not only a good design will be important, the texts must be strategically optimized using specific H1 with the keywords that we consider after the investigation. Design buttons that call a specific action such as: BUY, SEE MORE, etc.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are a fundamental part of any Wichita SEO campaign. They have to have a presence on the page and at the same time have a coherent meaning. Google is first and foremost a word processor. As such, it understands the reading from most to least important, considering the highlighted texts, and then, the background explanation. It works exactly like reading a newspaper: first headlines and then news. Therefore, the most important thing in SEO positioning is to choose these words very well, since all optimization work will be focused on them, and a good or bad choice in the chosen terms will mark the future of the strategy. To choose the words well, you must consider the following criteria: Define what we are: Company, agency, distributor, manufacturer, store, software, etc. It is essential since users always go to this concept when they perform a search. Define service or products: Based on all the services or products offered, a list of words will be made according to each of them. Know how to define the user's intention: In other words, if you have an online store, you know that your customers should want to buy from you, so you have to work on words like 'buy' or 'prices'. If you are a service company, work on words like 'hire' or 'budgets'.

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