How to Get More of Your Emails Opened!

Want to know how to improve your email marketing’s bottom line nearly instantly? I know you do!

Increase the number of people opening them, that’s how. It is so much easier to market to your existing list, people who have done business with you before than it is to go through the work of getting new leads and customers. Not only that, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might imagine.

Unless you’re getting stellar open rates already, (we’re talking 25-40%) there is very likely a lot you can do to get more of your emails opened, and subsequently reap the benefits that will bring.

So what can you do to make them open your emails?

Lots! Let’s take a look at 10 tips for better email open rates:

1. Write something you’d want to read!

Understanding the metrics and interests of your readership is vital to getting more of your emails opened. Why do you think top email marketers are forever asking their lists what they’d like to read more about?

2. Short, sweet and timely

No one has any time, and if you’re going to write emails that meander about and take forever to get to the point, you won’t get read, even if they do open. Seeing a mass of text awaiting you after you’ve opened the email is a sure way to get a large percentage to click out. Also, there are optimum times for sending, and this varies somewhat per industry. Make sure you are talking advantage of these – MailChimp (we use them) have an awesome page on this.

3. Get your subject line right

This is by far the most important element that determines whether or not your email gets opened or deleted. Make sure you take the pains to create a vivid, non-spammy and altogether intriguing subject line!

4. Don’t waste your first line

Visible in the email inbox, this line can have a big effect on whether someone chooses to open. Give this line as much attention as your subject line.

5. Let them know what’s coming

It’s always a good idea to prime the pump by giving your list a preview of coming attractions, particularly if you are leading to a new product or service.

6. Give them a deal!

You know that you’re far more likely to open an email if you are being offered something for free, especially if you have developed a reputation for generously sharing great content and offering awesome specials!

7. Establish your authority

One of the best ways to get more of your emails opened is to be that person that people want to hear from. We all have people that when we get an email form them, we immediately open and devour what they have to say or offer. Be that person!

8. Show your personality

Unless of course, you don’t have one. In that case, outsource this step. For all others, don’t be afraid to dive right in and joke, admonish, and deliver a decent rant once in a while.

9. Who is this “From”?

Strive to be consistent in your “From” branding. If it’s you, that’s fine. If it’s your company, great, but be consistent, so you can build a following, and open rates will gradually increase as trust builds.

10. Make sure to resend your unopens

Often overlooked, this is one of the simplest ways to get more of your emails opened. Many times people simply didn’t see it, or it didn’t register with them. This is an easy way to pump up the rates!

Taking the time to make sure you’ve got these items taken care of will go a long way towards getting far more of your emails opened, which will no doubt result in more conversions!

Matthew Goulart

|3 minutes read

Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.