Content Marketing is Hot for 2015

Life for marketers used to be simpler when a handful of radio stations, TV commercials, and newspapers were enough to get by to identify the current trend. Now, technology and hefty digital marketing competition make standing out a whole lot tougher.

With the ever changing technology, digital marketers should always be on their toes with new twists on digital strategy. With the bombardment of buzzwords on all media platforms, high competition marketers have to now deal with and the ever changing landscape. It’s hard to be a digital marketer!

Meanwhile, with all the available content and social media posts on hand, readers will want to make sure that the websites they are spending a few seconds or minutes of their time with are worth it. How do you stand out?

We are already entering the second quarter of the year. Are you updated with the latest buzz strategies in the online community? If not, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Be in tune with the following digital marketing trends of 2015:

Be less technical but smarter and more personal.

We are bombarded with all the known marketing tools and technologies to promote our websites. Large businesses invest in mind numbing technologies such as keyword performance techs, analytics platforms, landing page creation tools, eye tracking tools, head bobbing tools (not a true tool just having a bit of fun!), and testing technologies. Yes, all these are designed to track personal lifestyle and behavior.

However, in this age of market saturation, what businesses now need is a smarter marketer who can produce core insight for the organization to create a more personal relationship with the customers.

Content marketing is and will still be in hot demand.

  • Invest time and effort in making quality content. The volume of content produced in each minute is unarguably mind-boggling. If a reader drops by your website and finds it substantial, you are in for a treat. Make high quality content and promote it using both paid and free methods.
  • Use videos! Capture the essence of your business in a 15 to 30-seconder animated video for an alternative view of potential readers. Some readers are more visual and would prefer graphics than texts.
  • Optimize the consistently growing traffic of YouTube. YouTube, with the help of Google, will assist you in distributing your content and targeting visitors based on their specific interests. Obviously, you’ll need a video to optimize for this!
  • Publish an eBook version of your content to enable readers to view your content wireless. However, make sure to publish concise content in easily consumable pieces.

The growth of mobile publishing continues. If you ignored mobile site management, sadly you are likely already on the bottom list of the search results.

In this digital age where customers demand that content be delivered to them wherever and whenever, it is a basic for a website owner to ensure that his site can be properly viewed on a mobile device particularly on smartphones and tablets.

Ultimately, start looking at Content marketing (blog posting, article creation – way to many buzz words!) as a viable solution to help make your organization different. Don’t forget, be unique and add some personality to each post.

Matthew Goulart

|3 minutes read

Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.