Tips To Writing A Successful Blog

Without a strong digital presence, even surviving in this highly digitized world is challenging for every business, let alone succeeding. Whether you own a brick and mortar store or an online shop, you need to up your digital marketing game.

Content, be it visual or textual, has the power to grasp the attention of your customers in a way no other tool can. Therefore, if you want to step up your marketing game, you need to use the power of content.

Talking about content, blog posts are one of the smartest options. Without having a blog, your SEO efforts might not be as fruitful as you might expect them to be. These blog posts provide a ground for you to carry out promotions on social media and a better chance to convince your audience to take action on your website.

Irresistible and juicy headlines. Captivating introductions. Treasurable advice. Motivational closings. Spot on CTAS. These are the essentials of a powerful blog post that can help you attract the right crowd.

It might seem simple and easy, but it is an area where businesses have to face a plethora of challenges. Writing blog posts can turn into a daunting task because creating a successful one is not that straightforward.

Start With A Creative & Enticing Headline

Readers will not open a blog post if the headline does not capture their attention so make them curious.

You need to start your blog with the juiciest heading if you want to attract a reader. A headline builds a roadmap for the blog. However, that is not what many people do. They create a blog post and then come up with a headline. It makes their piece go in various directions, causing a reader to lose interest.

The headline you choose must promise readers value by the end of the blog post. Another thing you need to take care of is not to over-commit with your title. Create an enticing headline and adopt a trending format. “How to” and “listing” blogs are very popular. Use these templates and come up with a tangible headline that teases the readers, compelling them to open the blog post.

Draft An Attractive Introduction

The introduction you create will determine whether a reader will continue reading or not. Obviously, you do want a reader to finish the entire piece you created by putting in so many efforts, right? Your introduction must be captivating and must give a reason for the reader to finish reading the entire blog. Many readers stop reading the blog post after reading the introduction because it fails to ‘entice’ them. You need to fight using words to keep a reader hooked to your blog post.

When writing the introduction, you need to slip into the shoes of your readers. Your opening line should contain something very interesting as if you are reading the minds of the readers. Empathy is the smartest approach to writing introductions.

You need to show the readers that you get them and understand their situation completely. You need to get into a character and take it till the end and create a need that provokes them to read the entire piece. Starting with a short question, keeping things short and sweet, and set a rhythm with your words.

Deliver Hard-To-Ignore Content

Now comes the body of the content, which is an equally important element of your blog post. If you have been successful in creating a seducing introduction, your readers will come to this part of your blog, so you better prepare well for it. A must-have element in the body of your blog post is its division with subheadings. Most of the readers are scanners. They skim through the entire blog and subheadings helped them realize that your piece holds some value for them. All your subheadings must have a link with your blog post’s headline.

Eye-opening advice and unique content are the only ways you can win your readers over with your blog posts. Make sure every section follows a pattern in terms of length and format. Make sure that you are not holding back anything. The more generous you are with your readers, the better response you will receive from them.

Conclude With an Effective CTA

The end of the blog is an area where most bloggers do not put much effort. You build value, starting from the headline, introduction, and then the body. With a dull and boring closing, all your efforts will go in vain. An ideal end is where you give your readers a pep talk and summarize the entire piece.

After you have created a summary, do not forget to add a subtle yet effective CTA.

Remember that every influential and impactful blog follows a fixed structure. Before you start pouring in words, always start by creating a skeleton and distribute your ideas in subheadings. Why divide a blog into subheadings? Well, reading a solid block of words does not seem interesting to the reader. If the reader loses interest in the blog, even before reading the first line, what’s the point of the entire thing, right? Your digital marketing strategy must include blog posts as it can boost your SEO efforts. In the end, make sure to polish your post by cutting down unnecessary words. Proofread to ensure that you are motivating the reader rather than lecturing them.

Become a pro at writing a blog post, before you step in the battleground! You can hire professional digital marketers to assist you with your blog posts. Professional assistance can really help you nail it!

Matthew Goulart

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Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.