5 Best Social Media Tools to Grow Your Audience

Why Social Media?

In the world of the internet, technological influence enhances more than ever before.

One of the essential and most efficient portions of the 21st century’s technological advancement that has influenced every single aspect of life is Social Media.

Social media will help you expand your brand awareness and strong online visibility without having to pay for it. However, when it comes to growing your audience and brand awareness, you require something extra. Without having important marketing tools in your arsenal, you cannot dominate social media.

Good social media marketing tools assist you in finding more content to share. Utilize all these tools to schedule your posts at the perfect time, and measure the efficiency of the campaigns.

These tools provide actionable insights you can use to grow your social presence and attract new consumers and drive engagement.

Social Media Tool #1:


The majority of the businesses and companies have multiple accounts on various platforms of social media. In order to manage all these accounts manually at the same time is challenging.
Hootsuite is one of the greatest social media tools that can assist you in managing your multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.

This tool has some automation features that can assist you in being more productive. Using Hootsuite, you can easily schedule, find, as well as manage the social media content effortlessly.


• Easily maintain strong online visibility by scheduling hundreds of posts at once.
• Protected profiles, passwords, and other login information.
• Assists you in organizing the content with ease.
• Directly saves your content in the cloud.
• Overall improvement of social media management.

Social Media Tool #2:


In order to be at the top of the social media marketing game, you need to use Talkwalker. By using these social media tools, you can leverage social data to make intelligent business decisions.
With Al-powered technology, Talkwalker can monitor online conversations in real-time as well as evaluate them.

It covers websites, news, social networks, blogs, and other forums in various languages.


• Easily tracks more than thirty thousand pictures online by using its Image Recognition technology.
•  It allows you to evaluate visuals and texts together.
• With Virality Map, you can easily learn how to reproduce viral campaigns.
•  Uncover associated opportunities through the Smart Theme analytics feature.
•  Build customized dashboards to communicate with your team more efficiently
•  Schedule automated reports and alerts for your analytics.

Social Media Tool #3:


Socialbakers allow companies to work smart on social media through AI (artificial intelligence) to understand consumers’ behavior. This social media marketing tool helps you to involve as well as enhance consumer base through content personalization.


• Learn about your target audience and what they actually desire to see.
• Generates reports on the performance of your social media channels in seconds.
• It will save time by maintaining all the publishing of your social media from one place.

Social Media Tool #4:


A useful and efficient software solution that businesses can make use of with Twitter exclusively is Followerwonk. If you have strong visibility on Twitter and run marketing campaigns on it. This social media tool is a must for you in order to boost your online visibility and engagement.


• Discover and engage with the right audience to grow your brand or business.
• Compare Twitter accounts to figure out the similarities as well as recognize new influencers.
• Assists you in analyzing your Twitter audience and based on such analysis, and it recommends people you should follow.
• It will help you to grow your followers.

Social Media Tool #5:


To help businesses get essential insights about their audience and how they react to the content published by their businesses, Unmetric is an extremely powerful tool. It is an AI-powered social media measurement and analytics tool that provides businesses with a range of automation options.

This social media tool can also assist businesses in creating relevant and informative content that can generate connectivity on social media. If you are looking for automation, this is the best software solution for you.


• Unmetric Analyze assists you in getting better engagement and certainty within your social strategy. It will help you in automating social media reporting and gets reports in the inbox automatically at a time that you want.
• Unmetric Track assist you in keeping an eye on competitors as well as track their movements on social medial. You can download Unmetric Track for free!

In the technologically advanced world, digital marketing has become crucial to strengthening your market presentability. There are various digital media mediums; by using them, you can enhance your visibility and customer base. If you do not have marketing expertise, then do not need to worry about it, Ignite Digital is here to help you out.

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Matthew Goulart

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