5 Easy Ways to Generate More Re-Tweets

Getting tweets retweeted is important for businesses that want to increase their audiences. However, companies often find it difficult to figure out how they can convince people to retweet their posts. The answer is simple: you have to make efforts so that your content is more readable. The more readable people find your post, the more they will retweet it.

Here are five ways you can make your content more user-friendly and ultimately shareable.

#1) Ask for Re-Tweets

Asking people to retweet your posts on a regular basis is the best way to get people’s attention. Several studies have shown that people respond to such requests on Twitter in a very encouraging manner, retweeting more often when asked to. You can add a simple message of “Please Retweet” or “RT Please” at the end of your post to do the trick. Adding such a message to posts can generate four times more retweets than posts that don’t have this message.

Check out what @joeyBats19 did below (very smart move!):


#2) Leave Space for Modifications

Twitter allows you to post a message that is restricted to 140 characters. However, if you want more retweets, don’t utilize this entire limit. Usually, a 65 character rule is followed when tweets are written to get more retweets.

65 Character Rule

This leaves enough character space for people to add their own messages when sharing the post. In some cases, 65 characters might be too small an amount for you, make sure to always leave at least 20 character spaces.

#3) Share Recent Content

The more recent your content is, the more it gets retweeted. Therefore, you should share new content as much as possible. Also highlight in your posts that your content is new to show your regular followers what they should read. You can use phrases like “new post” or “breaking news” to let people know that you are sharing something new and original. By being the first one to break the news on Twitter, you can get millions of retweets by the time others get to break the news.

#4) Tweet at the Right Time

When you are posting on Twitter, timings are of key importance. At specific times, the ratio of retweets is significantly higher. Research in this regard indicates that the weekend is the most appropriate time to ask for retweets since more of your audience is active at that time. In addition, the period between the afternoon and evening is known to be the best in terms of retweets as more people are tuned in during those hours.

#5) Add Images and Hashtags

Another way to make your content extremely interesting is to add images and hashtags to it. While images create a visual appeal for your post, hashtags make it easier for people to grasp its central idea without even reading it. If they find the hashtags relevant or interesting, they are more likely to retweet the post.


Following these simple tips can ensure that your content is readable enough to be retweeted by your audience. If you implement them in your Twitter posts regularly, you will see a significant boost in your retweets.

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Matthew Goulart

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