Looking for Search Engine Optimization Services? Here Is What You Need to Know

If you are new to digital marketing and want to create better opportunities for your business online, Search Engine Optimization is what you need to take up.

However, SEO campaigns are not very easy to manage and you need an expert SEO company to handle the campaign effectively for you. Before you select an SEO company though, there are certain things you should consider before making them a trusted part of your business marketing activities.

Here are some things you should definitely know about an SEO service provider before selecting them.

Past Experience

You should first check how many SEO campaigns the company or professional has successfully handled in the past. Also find out whether any of the clients they handled had a business similar to yours. SEO techniques vary from business to business; therefore you should select a firm that has experience in your niche.

Reporting Services

A serious SEO company will always provide detailed reports to show the performance of your website in the cyber world. These confirm the verbal reports you get, ensuring that you’re dealing with an experienced company that knows what it’s doing.

Mode of Communication

To come up with a successful SEO campaign, regular communication is extremely crucial. Therefore, you need to seriously consider how communication would be handled at different stages of your project. You will need to know what the company is doing next and if its efforts affect your business in the positive way you expect.

Your SEO company should be communicating with you at least Twice a month (minimum). We regularly converse with our clients on a weekly basis about recommended site enhancements, current success, current progress with our strategy and much more.

Communication is critical.

What the Company Requires from You

You can’t just select SEO services and then lay down and watch the show. You need to offer proper feedback at regular intervals to bring out better results. Therefore, you should ask right from the beginning about the kind of information and feedback the company would need from you and at what time to ensure smooth sailing.

The company if they are are any good will ask your the following:

1. Who Are Your Competitors?  (They will need to conduct a Competitive analysis to analyze how hard/easy it will be for you to rank for certain keywords)

2. Can you please provide us with a handful of Keywords? (Designed more for you to get involved in the process. This is really designed to find any potential hidden gems. Most people go to their Google Analytics and export the keyword list. Most end up not being used)

3. What are you trying to achieve and how do you plan to monitor/measure SEO success?

Here is a trick question. Does Content Marketing Complement SEO?

Level of Customer Care

A professional SEO is dedicated to ensuring quality customer care, which is why its experts are available within reasonable parameters. Therefore, it’s essential that you find out whether or not the company will tend to your questions and queries quickly. The more you understand a company’s approach to customer service, the easier making your decision will be.

The Results Promised

In the end, you should always consider the kind of results the SEO promises. If you’re told that you’ll be featured on the first page of search engine results, and that too within a few days, consider this a red flag since you’re being lied to. This feat is practically impossible at first, which is why you shouldn’t believe in quick results schemes. Instead, select a company that offers more realistic results within achievable time frames.

With all these factors analyzed, you can reach a decision about which SEO service is more suitable for you.Once you do, get ready to enjoy the benefits of SEO when offered by the pros.

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Matthew Goulart

|3 minutes read

Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.