Site Security: The Importance of SSL

What is SSL?

Did you know 56% of internet traffic comes from an automated source? These sources may include spammers, bots, and hacking tools. Moreover, according to Forbes, almost 30,000 websites are hacked every day. The traditional antivirus and software you have on your system are completely useless, and this is what the black hat hackers say.

There is no denying there; cybercrime is one of the gravest threats to the world today. Millions of websites are hacked every day, and 75 records are stolen every second. Yes, these are some alarming statistics. If you think website security is not important, it is time that you change your mindset. Business owners are unaware that security is one of the factors on which a search engine assigns a rank to a website.

Well, this is where SSL certification, Secure Sockets Layer, comes in.

An SSL certificate is a must-have for every website in a time where cybercrime is at its peak. It serves as the backbone of internet security and plays a crucial role in protecting sensitive information. It even lets people surf websites and provide their personal details without worrying about security breaches.

Are you still pondering over whether to get an SSL certificate for your website or not? It is time that you change your mind.

Fully Protected Data

What can it for you?

Do you know why you need to have an SSL certification for your website? For the protection of sensitive data. The primary function of this certificate is to protect server-client communication. When the certificate is installed on a website, it encrypts all the data on the site.

It also safeguards sensitive data such as:

•  including usernames

•  passwords

• IDs

• credit card numbers

• contact information

• addresses.

Only the intended recipients of your website can access the information. All the data that your website gathers is stored in a central or destination system. The data passes through multiple computers to reach this destination server. Any system between the website and the destination server can view sensitive data. It is due to this reason you need to keep all this data fully encrypted and inaccessible to unwanted entities. The certificate makes the data unreadable to any of the computers it passes through and can only be read by you or any other authoritative figures.

Boost Consumer Trust

The people visiting your website are looking for a user-friendly experience to purchase services or products they need. However, there is another factor that visitors expect, and that is security. To avail the services or purchase products from your website, the customers have to provide their personal data and sensitive information. Many of your clients will be skeptical about using your services if they doubt the security on your website.

Online users realize the importance of security on the internet, which is why they choose sites that have an SSL certification.

By installing an SSL certificate on your website, you can encourage your potential customers to choose your products or services. The certification boosts customer trust. For a business to thrive, customer trust is an essential tool. You can increase your customer base when you offer trustable services on your website.

Improve your Search Rankings

The primary aim of marketers is to create a website that acquires a top rank on the Search Engine Result Page – SERP. It is where Search Engine Optimization – SEO comes in. It is a digital marketing technique through which business owners and marketers can improve their website’s rank on the SERP. There are multiple factors that you need to consider when working on your website’s SERP ranking, including content, keywords, and user-friendliness, and how secure the website is. In the year 2014, Google changed its algorithm, after which the HTTPS-enabled sites received a higher ranking.

If you are working to raise your website’s rank on the SERP, you need to enhance the security on your website.

You need to install an SSL certificate on your website. There is a strong link between HTTPS and a high rank on the SERP. Therefore, if you want to get on top of the results, make sure you have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

Allow Online Payments

If your business requires you to receive online payments or want to introduce this feature for your clients, having an SSL certificate is vital for your website. Your website needs to fulfill the PCI/DSS requirements to support online payments. There are twelve requirements for a website to becomes PCI compliant. Being HTTPS-enabled.

Having an SSL certification is essential for the success of your website. Your potential customers are on a lookout for secure options, considering the high number of cybercrimes happening around the world.

While you hire a professional digital marketing agency to enhance your website’s ranking on the SERP, you need to get an SSL certificate installed on the website. Offer your clients exactly what they need to outshine your competitors!

Matthew Goulart

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Matthew Goulart is the founder of Ignite Digital, a Canadian digital marketing agency. Through Ignite Digital, Goulart works with Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies from around the world and has helped launch profitable and highly successful digital marketing initiatives for his clients.