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Organic Leads Increased


Organic New Users Increased


Paid Ads Leads Increased


How a Ontario Foot Specialist Doubled Leads using SEO & Google Ads

In order to retain online viewers, increase new client appointments & sell online merchandise, Mississauga Foot Clinic needed a strong online presence surrounding general foot care topics & The Toe Bro brand name.


Mississauga Foot Clinic & Ignite Digital initiated a full-service plan including SEO & PPC through Google Ads. After extensive planning & research, Ignite Digital increased the number of new visitors to the website & total client appointments by a large amount.


With the large amount of traffic, it was important to have our Digital Strategists continue to optimize keyword growth & ad campaign success while locating new keywords & ad designs to help dominate the foot-care industry in the Greater Toronto Area.

About the Company

Mississauga Foot Clinic


Mississauga Foot Clinic was founded in 1990 as one of the first foot clinics with registered Chiropodists in Ontario, Canada.


The owner of the clinic - Jonathan Tomines became popular in the industry for his successful show on A&E - “The Toe Bro”. His Youtube channel quickly became a hit for online viewers after gathering over 100 million viewers.

Our Google Ads Strategy

Campaign Breakdown

Search Campaigns for Prospecting


  • Brand Campaign: Targeting foot specialist, chiropodist & brand name keywords. SEO strategy tied into keyword strength for organic traffic. Machine Learning Budget & Bidding technology.
  • Product Campaign: Targeting special foot clinic product keywords. Identifying known services for clients. Machine Learning Budget & Bidding technology.


Display Campaigns for Remarketing


  • Image Campaigns: Click-Friendly designs targeted for individuals who've previously taken actions on the website or social media.
  • Actions: Visited Website, Booked Consultation, Purchased Items, Engaged on Social Media, Visited Youtube Channel.


Happy Customer

I've been using Ignite Digital services for 10 years now since I started and will continue to use them because i'm so happy and impressed with the results. I started with zero patients and right now we're just over 15,000 patients in our clinic.


Jonathan Tomines
Clinical Director, Chiropodist

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