How to Increase Lead Generation: Facebook Ad Edition

When a business is running a PPC campaign, it is important to turn visitors into leads since they are paying money for every click. One of the most commonly used ways of running PPC ads today is using Facebook ads, and if you haven’t yet tried it, you definitely need to.

When it comes to creating brand awareness and enhancing brand image, the effectiveness of Facebook ads is higher than Google AdWords for many websites.

However, before you start using Facebook Ads here are some tips you need to follow to create ads that can bring in more leads:

Create a Landing Page

The best way to get more leads from your PPC ads is creating a separate landing page for visitors who are coming to your site through these ads.

Note: If you are selling a service that doesn’t change in price. Have the ads point to this page. Just make sure that this service page is effective (has call-to-actions).

This specific page should be designed specifically for lead generation, with a lead generation form in clear view. To encourage visitors to subscribe, you can offer them free content or ask them to get in touch with you for free promotions or consultations. Offering incentives is the best way to encourage your visitors to become business leads.

Below is an example of our Social Media Whitepaper, effective call-to-action (form) on the side to push people to signup:


Create a Facebook Ad

• After you have your website optimized for Facebook visitors, you need to create ads for Facebook that will successfully grab the attention of the audience, enticing them to click on these ads. Let’s take a look at some tips to create these ads:

• Initially, come up with more than one ad so that you can select the one that is best and most effective in getting high click-through rates.

• In Facebook ads, your ad image is undoubtedly the most important factor that catches the attention of your audience. To make these images stand out against the white layout of Facebook, you should use dark and bright images with dimensions of 110×80 in high quality.

• Before you create a title or content for your Facebook page, you need to go through the image and punctuation guidelines provided by Facebook.

• If you are targeting a specific location, it is better to mention it in the headline and text of the ad at least once to ensure you get relevant clicks.

• You can also create multiple ads using the same images and headlines but changing the text and keywords so that they can be targeted to a different demographic through customized messages.

Target and Test

The most crucial step that will ultimately increase the lead generation rate of your Facebook Ads is targeting. There is no need for you to use the default targeting options. The more relevant and specific your targeting is, the more relevant audience will view your ad and would feel more inclined to click on them. The best way to know what kind of targeting brings the highest click-through rates is to test your Facebook ad at first before launching a comprehensive advertising campaign.

If you create an effective ad that grabs the attention of your target audience and leads them to an optimized lead generation landing page on your website, you can definitely yield more leads from your PPC campaign.

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Matthew Goulart

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