Top 10 Canadian Marketing Blogs Worth Checking Out

The internet is practically overflowing with blogs that discuss marketing in all its forms and offer an astounding variety of advice on how you can enhance your marketing efforts. Within such chaos, it can be difficult to figure out which blog to trust and which to avoid. To help make things slightly easier for you, here is a list of the top 10 Canadian marketing blogs that are totally worth checking out. Why did we just focus on Canadian marketing blogs? We want to spread the love and have more Canadians on the international stage!

John Chow dot Com Logo

John Chow dot Com

One of the most popular blogs online today, John Chow dot Com attracts more then 200,000 readers to its pages every day, and ranks at 16th on the AdAge Power List. John Chow has also written the popular ‘Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul’ in addition to several other books, and he won the Affiliate Marketing Award for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog in 2012. Check out my friend and let him know how much you love his posts!

Danny Brown Logo

Danny Brown

With a focus on the human side of media, Danny Brown studies and analyzes the ways in which social media, marketing, and the influences on the modern consumer intersect, and their place in the prevalent business environment.

Simply put: Danny brown provides the most in-depth and analytical marketing blogs in Canada. More importantly, he has a no bullshit approach and tells you the hard truths and no fluff. We can’t get enough of his blog, we love it here at Ignite Digital.

Here is a must-read: How to Build the Trust You Need for an Engaged Community.

The blog also attempts to identify the future technologies, trends, and the insights that will provide the businesses of tomorrow actionable results. HubSpot ranked Danny Brown as the top marketing blog in the world.

IttyBiz Logo


IttyBiz is a blog with a difference, they don’t just post thoughts, opinions, news, and tips online. They back it up too with deep relevant articles, honestly I am in love with the formatting. They make it effortless for me to skim the articles and still grab information. Big shout out to Naomi & Dave for an awesome website.

DaveFleet Logo

Dave Fleet

If you want to learn more about social media, marketing, communications and especially about how these subjects intersect with each other. is a great resource online to checkout for Canadian Marketers. I don’t personally know Dave but I feel he’d be a guy you could have a nice cold beer with and have an deep intelligent conversation about marketing and digital media.

Must Read article from Dave Fleet, its a simple one but a goodie: Social Media at Scale: Organizing Global Social Media Teams. 

Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog 1 Subscribed Ecommerce Blog

Get Elastic

Ranked by PostRank as the #1 eCommerce blog, Get Elastic focuses almost exclusively on eCommerce, helping its readers by sharing eCommerce strategies and expertise. You can read and learn about digital commerce research and best practices, while also gaining access to detailed analysis of the industry. I stumbled across Get Elastic last year when i was doing some eCommerce research for a client and only found out they were Canadian a few months back.

Great article from Linda Bustos “Best Practice in Big Data: A Marketer’s Primer”

Michel Fortin Logo

The Michel Fortin Blog

The Michel Forting Blog offers news, articles, and tips and tricks, as well personal ideas and opinions from – you guessed it – Michel Fortin himself. Fortin – a copywriter, marketer, and consultant – has extensive experience, a proven track record, and blogs about personal development skills, direct response copywriting, and internet marketing.

The main reason I like Michel’s blog is the personal input he provides. I feel part of the article as I am reading it.

I am a sucker for a solid “Hook” in blog post titles and Michel’s “If Long Copy Stinks, Think Soap” was a great hook. It is also a great article.

adgoodness logo


The Advertising/Design Goodness – adgoodness – blog was launched in 2005, and has since showcased some of the best design and advertising from around the planet, along with a taste of the worst too, just to highlight the stark contrast between the good and the ugly. This is “technically” not a Canadian Marketing blog but since Frederik once lived in Toronto, we are counting it!

Work Better Not Harder

Work Better, Not Harder

The blogs name alone speaks volumes about its main goal. Personally, I like this blog because the articles are original and unique. The site content is simply fantastic! One of my favourite articles is “Why Prune My Contact List?“, its a short simple piece but a great article none the less.


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