7 Easy Steps to Connect your Shopify to Google Merchant

Connecting your applications online will open a lot more doors for your business and products. Being visible, accessible and consistent are all traits that consumers want their goods and service providers to have. By connected your online stores you can achieve these preferences and increase your profits. Syncing your Shopify and Google Merchant accounts is a very easy process and can create a lot more traffic to your products. One of the best parts of connecting your store fronts is how easy it is to set up!

Once you have signed into your Shopify account these are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Apps page on your Shopify Admin page.
  2. Go to the Shopify App Store
  3. Search for Google Shopping then select and install the application
  4. Once it has installed, click sign into Google account.
    1. If you have multiple Google accounts make sure you sign into the account with Google Merchant enabled
    2. Once you sign in, your Merchant Centre will be linked to your Shopify account
    3. This will populate a new page that will have steps 1, 2 and 3. You will only need to finish up step
  1. The next steps are to finish setting up your Google Shopping app on your Shopify account:

    You will need your merchant ID from Merchant Centre to fill the “Step 3” box on the page. You can find this by:

    1. Going to your Google Merchant Account Page
    2. Copying the “Merchant ID” number from the top left-hand side of the page
    3. Paste the number in the “Step 3” box on the Shopify page
    4. Once you click complete you will have synced your accounts.
  1. This will populate a new page post sync titled, “Publish Product”
    1. This page will ask you which collection one your Google Shopping Account you would like to publish.
    2. Pick your collection and wait for it to be uploaded
  2. Once the confirmation page is populated, check the status. If everything is in order than you will have complete the sync and online launch of the app in Shopify.

With these steps you can increase the number of places that offer your products, thus increasing possible revenue. Open up your Google Shopping and Shopify Apps today! Why wait, its easy and will yield improved results.